Judging Criteria


A panel of distinguished automotive and other designers will evaluate the entries for:

  • Relevance to the brief
  • Concept originality
  • Design value and quality
  • Developmental potential
  • Presentation and explanation

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The judging process comprises:


Each of the judges will review the entries and choose the best three. The judges work individually in the quiet of their own studios in different parts of the world. The identity of the work they are reviewing is hidden behind a registration number, so the images and, often crucially, the explanation, are all that can be assessed. All entries which receive the votes of at least one judge will be on the shortlist. The shortlists for each category – without any ranking – will be publicised on this website in March 2019. Each of the shortlisted students, and their teacher/professor, will be notified and invited to attend the Awards Ceremony.

From the shortlists, entries will be scored by allocating points on the basis of each of the judges’ rankings. The three entries with the most points will become the finalists. All the judges will sit together in Shanghai in March 2019 for an intensive roundtable judging session, debating and agreeing the winners for each category. One of the category winners will then be chosen by the judges as the overall winner – Student Designer of the Year. In the case of a tie, the Chairman of the Judges will choose the winner. The judges may choose fewer than three for the finalists.

In a night which mixes the cream of the professional design community with the excitement of students, the work of the finalists will be displayed on boards and on screen at the Awards ceremony on 15 April, during the Shanghai auto show 2019. The winner in each category will then be announced.