Daniel Darancou, Vice President of Design, CH-AUTO Technology & Qiantu Motor Electric, Beijing

Daniel is a global design expert with a unique international design background including long-term assignments in Germany with Opel; Suzuki, Isuzu and Toyota in Japan thru General Motors Design JV Operations; and now in Beijing, China with the country’s largest automotive and mobility design development and engineering firm, CH-Auto Technology.

He was recruited directly upon graduation from the Art Center College of Design by the prestigious Italian automobile design studio of I.D.E.A. Institute in Torino, Italy. That experience laid the foundation for a challenging and award-winning car design career with some of the top studios and designers.

As part of the design team of General Motors’ 2010 Shanghai World’s Fair autonomous EN-V project, Daniel became part of the first wave of western design professionals to join the largest and fastest-growing automobile and mobility market in the world – China. Key clients have include the largest Chinese OEMs and Asian JVs.

Perhaps his most important role is the complete design development and brand creation of the Qiantu Motor electric car company. The world’s first Chinese super sports car, the K50 has become the most exciting and highest performing vehicle to hit the streets of China. Lightweight, agile, powerful and beautiful are the terms that are associated with the K50.

Daniel’s other notable partnerships include judging the Car Design News student awards, Hyundai Motors China Design competition, the China Red Star Design Awards, and the NAIAS ‘EyesOnDesign’ awards. He is a sponsor of Tsinghua University student projects and mentor to many rising Chinese car designers. Daniel is also active in the LA Design Challenge and an avid technology and design innovator.