Chen Zheng, Chang An Auto

Never Give Up, Be a Pioneer: these are the founding principles of Global Design Director Chen Zheng’s personal and professional vision. A young yet highly experienced manager, the Chang An Global Design Director is driven by sincere and vibrant enthusiasm. 38 years old and born in Chongqing, he is the perfect image of his hometown: an inherent attitude that makes the most of the toughest conditions and challenges, pioneering, discovering and innovating with endless energy.

Chen Zheng entered Chang An Auto in 2002 after completing his studies in engineering and business administration. A true lover of design, with a passion for fine objects and harmonious shapes, he looks at the world of cars and car design with a cosmopolitan eye. His vision is precise – he is the first advocate of the crucial role of good design in the automotive market – and a mix of creativity and pragmatism at their best.