This year's competition features nine briefs from exclusive and renowned car manufacturers. Your design should meet one of the following briefs. Your entry should include illustrations and a text statement explaining how the design works and meets the brief. * Entries must include an interior and exterior design to qualify.

Brief 1


  • Nowadays product design and the society it serves is changing. It is hard to differentiate good from bad, right from wrong, masculinity from femininity. This brief asks you to think carefully about "integrated" design.
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Brief 2

Redesigning Agricultural Machinery for the Future of Farming

  • Develop a groundbreaking vision of how agricultural machinery will look and work in the future. Take inspiration from design trends from different sectors such as automotive and architecture.
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Brief 3

A Vehicle for Future Young Generation in Big Cities

  • The near future brings more changes, faster than we have ever experienced. China is at the forefront of pulling down new technology that changes the way we live and the way we communicate, commute and travel. This brief asks you to address the challenges this creates.
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Brief 4

Define the Generation - Shared Mobility Vehicle for Future

  • Design a vehicle that is specially created for shared mobility in 2025, including new energy power system, autonomous driving technology Level-4 and above, as well as the holistic exterior and interior concepts and designs; Exterior – Focus on efficiency and size , Interior – Focus on the experience of mobile space.
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Brief 5

British Secret Agent

  • The next British Secret Agent movie is set in China. Design a tailored Lotus to be the hero’s transport, and illustrate it in the opening sequence of the movie, set in a Chinese city.
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Brief 6

Design our Next Icon Year 2050

  • Consider what it first means when something becomes iconic? When you identify an iconic object, what type of emotion does it evoke? In China today, what has become iconic? Do your own field research to support your conclusions.
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Brief 7

The Luxury, Art & Comfort of Autonomous Travel

  • Art, sculpture and motion combined in to the ultimate travel experience for Hyundai.
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Brief 8

Fantastic to Ride

  • In the autonomous era, vehicles could make our life more comfortable, smart and efficient.
  • On the other hand, nobody has yet found the emotional and attractive aspect of this new driving experience.
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Brief 9

Your intelligent Companion

  • It is 2050, Traffic systems within our Mega cities have been perfected, and traffic congestion is a thing of the past.
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Awards Categories

Awards Categories

Best Exterior Design

Sponsored by Icona

Best Interior Design

Sponsored by Yanfeng

Best Luxury Concept

Sponsored by Pininfarina

Best Eco Solution

Sponsored by Dinamica

Best Mobility Solution

Sponsored by DiDi Chuxing

Best Ideation

Sponsored by Shanghai Duling Automobile Technology Co., Ltd

Best Innovation

Sponsored by KWA