2018 League Table

School League Table

We allocate points from the judges' rankings, these league tables are a measure of the the success of China's design schools in both attracting the best talent and in delivering effective tutoring.

2018 League Table

CDA17_School League_En


All-Time League Table 2010 - 2018

The arrows indicate a change in ranking as a consequence of the latest annual results CDA18_School League_aggregation  

Scoring rules

  • 2 points for each shortlisted entrant, 5 for each finalist, 10 for each winner, 10 extra for Student Design of the Year
  • Winners and finalists are not awarded additional points for being finalists/shortlisted respectively
  • Finalists whose work appears in more than one category are awarded 5 points for each selection as a finalist
  • Where winners or finalists are a group comprising students from different schools, the schools share the points